Certified Fiber Specialists

Licensed and Insured Contractor

Family Owned and Operated

Mission Statement

We know experience is everything. At S Squared we works as everyday is our first day. This is why all of our specialized splicing technicians strive for perfection and work to impress. Perfection may not be achievable but excellence is. We will work day and night providing "light" for tomorrow.

Fiber Optic specialists

Communication is crucial to business operations

  Whether you need to provide fiber optic connectivity to homes, cell towers, or local government agencies, S Squared can connect your fiber optic infrastructure to meet your specific needs. At S Squared, our highly-skilled technicians are certified to provide a wide range of services. 

We are your solution!

Specialized Fiber Optic Contractor

A business focused on  installing, splicing, testing, and optimizing fiber optic cables and networks.

S² Fiber Services LLC

  • Located in Northern Illinois minutes from Chicago, Rockford, Milwaukee, and Madison
  • FOA Certified Technicians
  •  Fusion Splicing & Testing Specialist
  •  OTDR Testing Specialist
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Woman Owned Business

Making Fiber Optics our mission

FOA­® Certified

Qualified technicians with market leading  education and training 

Over 22 Years of Combined Experience in the Industry

Family Owned and Operated

Guaranteed Quality comes from Family

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S Squared Fiber Services LLC

Roscoe, Illinois, United States

Phone: (815) 979-3607 Fax: (815) 957-0317


24 Hour Emergency Contact:

Michelle  (815) 540-2518

Jeff            (815) 739-2074